INDOOR GRAND MATCH Forret fielded two rinks in the latest Indoor Grand Match, played on Saturday 24th October. Craig Lindsay’s team were at Dumfries, facing a rink from Gourock. m Hot news !

The Victors Stratheden on  the march Sweep haaaard ! Margaret and Girder Man showing how it should be done…n ‘Err, wake up, Mum.  You might have to sweep that…’’. Peter has sent us this picture of the rink which beat its English counterparts 10-3 and emerged as the highest winning Scottish rink  HOWEVER England, that well-known hotbed of curling, took home the overall trophy over the weekend ! From the left - Ian Kerr (Aberdeen) 2nd Peter Lang 3rd Ian Keron (Murrayfield) skip John McDermott (Waterfront) lead.